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Quality assurance at a high stage

The confidence of our clients relies on the knowledge that the Quality and Assurance of our products starts with the extensive and accurate inspection of the supplied raw materials and goes through all production steps to the point of the analysis of the supplied malts. The Quality Assurance is a supporting element of our quality. This Department has a chemical and physical laboratory in each plant which are directly responsible to the Company Management. In our central laboratory in Gernsheim we have access to efficient laboratory equipment operated by qualified stuff. With this equipment and modern methods we can carry out advanced analyses such as:


- Gaschromatographic determination of DMSP using Headspace technology and PFPD detection.

- Determination of ß-Glucan using FIA

- Determination of Mycotoxins DON, OTA and ZEA using the immunologic ELISA-Technology

- Modification- and Homogeneity tests according to Carlsberg using PC-supported CCD-Technology.

- Determination of different enzymic activities in malt.

- Elektrophoretic variety identification barley / malt

- Gushing-Test according to the mod. Carlsberg Method


Methods and proceedings used are regularly controlled and optimised. It goes without saying that Durst Malz participates in national and international ring analysis as well as in different teams and committees.


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