175 Years - Malt for the Best
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Fine Malt for Every Taste

Beer is one of Germany’s favourite drinks, and its popularity is growing all over the world. For the breweries, however, this does not mean any drop in the competitive pressure to produce quality beers. Any brewer will confirm that only consistent, brand-name quality guarantees long-term success in the market. Regardless of any short-lived trends. It’s the customer who determines the success of a beer. He has quite distinct expectations as to its flavour. And these expectations have to be repeateddddly and reliably satisfied, without any decrease in quality.

This is amply proved by the growing success of our customers. By placing stringent quality standards on the raw material, DURST MALZ is on the right track. Because it’s the flavour that counts. Presumably nobody can say how many different types of beer there are in the world. But one thing is sure – from ale to light beer – malt is a must.

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